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Make Marionette support nested processes


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Since work to make B2G support nested processes is planned (bug 761935), we'll have to plan to support these in Marionette.
We'll need marionette to test many of the APIs we want to support in nested processes, so this is actually a dependency of that work.
Depends on: 845668
No longer depends on: nested-processes
What sort of timeline is this likely to be needed by?
I'm currently working on nested processes.
Is this true nested content processes, or is this the plan (floated in another bug) in which all subprocesses would be a direct child of the top-level process, and there would be some degree of communication possible between different child processes?
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The current plan is true nested content processes.
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Jonas, can you tell me when B2G will start to use nested content processes?  Is it in the 1.2 timeframe?  We'll need to make some significant changes to Marionette, so would like to know when to plan for it.
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David is working on it, though I'm not sure if the latest thinking is child processes or sibling processes in nested iframes.
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I ended up implementing the sibling processes.  You can check out my patch queue at
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And the work is happening over in bug 879475, right?
(In reply to Jonas Sicking (:sicking) from comment #9)
> And the work is happening over in bug 879475, right?

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