Hang on quit after using SMTP/SSL



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17 years ago
9 years ago


(Reporter: Simon Fraser, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)



Mac System 8.5

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17 years ago
I'm seeing a hang on quit, on both trunk (debug) and 0.9.1 branch (release 
build). This crash happens only if I've sent mail during that session, but not at 
the end of every such session. My smtp prefs are set to use SSL 'when available'.

I have 2 stacks from 2 different machines (I broke into MacsBug to get the 

1. Debug trunk build:

  00000000    PPC  3ED03EA0  
  14A20EC0    PPC  3ECE63C4  main+001F0
  14A20E60    PPC  3E28E248  NS_ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager*)+001B4
  14A20CC0    PPC  3E262900  Notify__17nsObserverServiceFP11nsISupportsPCwPCw+
  14A20C60    PPC  3C92D324  Observe__19nsMsgAccountManagerFP11nsISupportsPCwPCw+
  14A20820    PPC  3C92D08C  nsMsgAccountManager::Shutdown()+00044
  14A207E0    PPC  3C936468  nsMsgAccountManager::CloseCachedConnections()+00020
  14A207A0    PPC  3E230650  nsHashtable::Enumerate(int (*)(nsHashKey*, void*, 
void*), void*)+00048
  14A20750    PPC  3E35084C  PL_HashTableEnumerateEntries+00060
  14A206E0    PPC  3E22FCE8  _hashEnumerate(PLHashEntry*, int, void*)+00030
  14A206A0    PPC  3C933C18  
nsMsgAccountManager::closeCachedConnections(nsHashKey*, void*, void*)+00024
  14A20660    PPC  3CE984E0  nsImapIncomingServer::CloseCachedConnections()+001C8
  14A205C0    PPC  3CEE1E68  nsImapProtocol::TellThreadToDie(int)+002D4
  14A20520    PPC  3C494D20  nsSocketBOS::Write(const char*, unsigned int, 
unsigned int*)+000AC
  14A204C0    PPC  3E36CAC8  PR_Write+00030
  14A20480    PPC  3E367C2C  pl_DefWrite+00078
  14A20440    PPC  3C385F7C  ssl_Write+000BC
  14A203F0    PPC  3C383BE4  ssl_SecureWrite+00028
  14A203B0    PPC  3C383B60  ssl_SecureSend+00240
  14A20350    PPC  3C38AA58  ssl3_SendApplicationData+0009C
  14A20300    PPC  3C38A8BC  ssl3_SendRecord+00510
  14A20260    PPC  3C39D400  ssl_DefSend+00048

2. Release (commercial) 0.9.1 build. Note that in this build, MacsBug symbols
   are turned off, so that the only symbols you see are those for function
   calls that cross DLL boundaries; MacsBug extrapolates between these, showing
   large offets for DLL-internal functions for which it can't find traceback
   table data. I believe that this stack is the same as the above stack.

  0DC37740    PPC  3F452AB8  
  0DC376E0    PPC  3D86D860  NS_ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager*)+000E4
  0DC37590    PPC  3D8559D0  NS_NewObserverService(nsIObserverService**)+00624
  0DC37530    PPC  3E127BB4  NSGetModule+04080
  0DC370E0    PPC  3E1279F4  NSGetModule+03EC0
  0DC370A0    PPC  3E12BD04  NSGetModule+081D0
  0DC37060    PPC  3D83DADC  nsHashtable::Enumerate(int (*)(nsHashKey*, void*, 
void*), void*)
  0DC37010    PPC  3D8DAE88  PL_HashTableEnumerateEntries+00060
  0DC36FA0    PPC  3D83D5AC  PL_HashTableFinalize(PLHashTable*)+001F8
  0DC36F60    PPC  3E12AB48  NSGetModule+07014
  0DC36F20    PPC  3CDCF74C  NSGetModule+0C234
  0DC36E80    PPC  3CDEDD30  nsGetInterface::~nsGetInterface()+1466C
  0DC36E00    PPC  3EBA5AAC  nsGetInterface::~nsGetInterface()+06DB0
  0DC36DA0    PPC  3D8F1F18  PR_Write+00030
  0DC36D60    PPC  3D8EF9F8  PR_SetThreadDumpProc+00184
  0DC36D20    PPC  3D8EBBB0  PR_GetConnectStatus+00660
  0DC36CE0    PPC  3D8EBB0C  PR_GetConnectStatus+005BC
  0DC36C70    PPC  3D8FC9D4  _MD_PutEnv+023D4
  0DC36C30    PPC  3D8FC6F4  _MD_PutEnv+020F4
  0DC36BC0    PPC  3F5F6D6C  OTSnd+00050
  0DC36B80    PPC  3F602D3C  OTOpenEndpointOnStreamPriv+00EAC


17 years ago
Keywords: hang
Summary: Crash on quit after using SMTP/SSL → Hang on quit after using SMTP/SSL

Comment 1

17 years ago
 SMTP/SSL-> John.
Component: Networking - IMAP → Security: General
QA Contact: huang → junruh

Comment 2

17 years ago
Ccing Ninoschka for Networking-SMTP.

Comment 3

17 years ago
Did you ever see a hang when not using SMTP/SSL?

Do you know if the mail message ever got sent?  I'm thinking a similar bug is

I will look more for bugs (reported) possibly related and paste here if I find any.

Comment 4

17 years ago
This crash occurred when quitting after a browsing session, some time during 
which I sent mail (it wasn't just after mail was sent, or anything). The mails 
were sent successfully.


17 years ago
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 5

17 years ago
Worksforme with the 7/25 Mac RTM candidate.

Comment 6

17 years ago
Verified worksforme.
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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