Put together turn-key (as much as possible) tools and documentation to allow downstream partners to run b2g tests



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This would include all the tests that run on real HW: reftest, mochitest, perf, and gaia tests driven by marionette.  (It wouldn't include the webapi tests running on emulator.)

I'm sure all the documentation needed to do this exists somewhere (except the tests that don't exist yet), but having it all together in one place would be awesome.

Even better would be a "test repo" that partners could check out and build, following some simple centralized instructions.  Maybe this could be included as part of the main b2g manifest.

I don't have a good feel for what the most convenient delivery mechanism would be, but our CAF friends who have gone through part of the bootstrap process along with us might have some ideas.

The idea of "product acceptance tests" has been bandied about, and this could be a start towards those.
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