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Twitter OpenSearch appears to be busted


(Thunderbird :: Search, defect)

Not set


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Thunderbird 24.0


(Reporter: mconley, Assigned: ananuti)




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1) In some message, select some text, and choose "Search X search for..." to open an OpenSearch tab
2) In the new tab, choose "Twitter"

What happens?

I get a "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" error from Twitter.

What's expected?

Twitter search.
Easy fix imo.

Thunderbird currently uses this URL:

Whereas this is the correct one (at least it works for me):

(Notice that Twitter always uses HTTPS since some time.)
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Grr, bugzilla autolinks badly. But see the URL field
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fix the url and to keep consistent with other engines. i moved the param to element.
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proposed patch

Review of attachment 752524 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: mail/locales/en-US/searchplugins/twitter.xml
@@ +6,5 @@
>  <ShortName>Twitter Search</ShortName>
>  <Description>Realtime Twitter Search</Description>
>  <InputEncoding>UTF-8</InputEncoding>
>  <Image width="16" height="16"></Image>
> +<Url type="text/html" method="get" template="">

please make it uppercase GET while you're at it

@@ +13,1 @@
>  <SearchForm></SearchForm>

you forgot to change this
For reference, firefox fixed this in bug 803335.
I wonder if we should be sending a partner param, like firefox
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(In reply to Magnus Melin from comment #8)
> I wonder if we should be sending a partner param, like firefox
> searchplugins/twitter.xml#14

No we shouldn't do (the arrangements for different apps are typically different and usually require different params if we do have them so typically we shouldn't sync these - any other data is fine).
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addressed review comments.
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proposed patch, v2

Review of attachment 753219 [details] [diff] [review]:

Great! Thx for the patch. r=mkmelin
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