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[my] Firefox protocol handler setup for Burmese


(Mozilla Localizations :: my / Burmese, defect)

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Protocol handlers allow links like to be handled by a webmail application.

In order to do that, the site needs to support a special API described on

For en-US, we're currently shipping with GMail and Yahoo! Mail for mailto:, 30boxes for webcal: and Mibbit for irc: urls. For Burmese, we'd like to do that, too.

First, the localization team and Milos (Milos Dinic) will look at the market for the language and come up with a good candidates. Tin Aung Linn, we'll need your input on this. The guidelines for making recommendations are on <>. Following that, the evangelism team reaches out to try to get the vendor to support protocol handlers. has test cases for mailto:.

Once that happens, Milos will take over the actual implementation, which will need to change the gecko.handlerService.* entries in browser/chrome/browser-region/ Please don't make changes to that file without getting a positive review by Milos or somebody else appointed by Milos/Stas on a patch for that change upfront.

The Burmese team and Milos will be driving this bug to completion.
I did first step my emailing to our team and posting at our Facebook groups.I will comment back about the feedbacks and suggestions.

Thanks You
Thanks Axel,

It makes motivated us to see Burmese Language enabling Firefox. I'm being waited long time ago to see it.

We don't have much different protocol handlers. I hope so we can adapt EN-US protocol handler to my-MM.

Yes we like to adapt EN-US.
Then this bug is RESOLVED/FIXED.
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