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Support ASan builds and tests in trychooser


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Right now, to get a try run with ASan, people need to copy the ASan configs (which are in the tree) over the regular configs before pushing. It would be good to allow ASan runs (for linux64 only) natively as an option in the trychooser. That way it's also easier for people to explicitly check that they don't break that build type which happened quite a few times before.
Product: → Release Engineering
Depends on: 887641
per meeting with decoder, clarifying that this is for ASan builds *and* tests. 

Also noting that these should be non-default on try. Only people who actually care about ASan builds/tests will specifically ask for them.
Component: General Automation → Tools
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Summary: Support ASan in trychooser → Support ASan builds and tests in trychooser
I'm not sure how this is going to be implemented in trychooser, but I assume it would be another platform (e.g. linux64-asan). There is no new test suite added, instead the tests that we can currently run on ASan are:

reftest, crashtest, xpcshell, jsreftest, mochitests
Yeah, there's nothing in the way of interest or decisions in trychooser, nor is there much of anything to patch, a few dozen copy-pasted characters.

What's needed is:

* bug 887641 renaming the debug build so that the try syntax parser would know it was a debug build rather than an oddly-named opt build (landed, but not in production yet)

* giving the debug build TRY_SLAVES, since for some reason did opt but not debug

* sticking try back into where it was removed because we panicked about whether or not try_by_default actually worked

at which point doing -b do -p linux64-asan -u none (or all, but there won't be any) -t none will give you opt and debug builds - the tests come for free once bug 831491 makes them exist, so this depends on that rather than blocking that, and then it's a two minute patch to the trychooser web page.
Attached patch [configs] let it build (obsolete) — Splinter Review
For reasons beyond my ken, I still can't persuade (or, or to run, but surely this won't break anything, will it?
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[configs] let it build

Beaten out by attachment 797416 [details] [diff] [review].
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On top of bug 912345.
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[tools] Add linux64-asan

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Thank you for doing these :-)
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And deployed.
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