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Distribution support for additional default search engines


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Desktop appears to already do this, probably by looking for search engine XML files in the distribution folder. We should look into that and do something similar.
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This ports over the logic from desktop's DirectoryProvider.cpp, except I omitted the logic for extension search plugin locations, since I don't think we have those (and logic for that isn't in the core implementation [1] anyway).

I just have to add some logic to deal with the fact that the distribution might be in a system location. Right now in browser.js we deal with this by passing the system distribution path along from Java, but maybe there's a way we can avoid that. Is there a way to get at the app id from JS, or maybe I should set a pref with the path when I get it in browser.js?

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Looks good. Nice and clean. We could use your pref idea to set something like "distribution.searchplugins.location".

How would it work? 

We still need to always look in the NS_XPCOM_CURRENT_PROCESS_DIR rooted folder first, in case local overrides exist (like we do in But if it does not and "distribution.searchplugins.location" exists, we have a /system distribution?

If we knew the "" part we could just built it here. On second thought, maybe keeping that logic in is best, and sending out the /system path to browser.js, then a pref is the better approach.
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I decided to store a pref to the distribution path if we passed a custom one from Java, and this seems to work well.

I tested the following configurations:
1) no distribution (good to make sure this still works ;)
2) distribution in APK
3) distribution in /system 
4) different distributions in APK and /system (the one in the APK wins)
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Simple idea for a test:
1. Add a simple, non-functional "search engine" XML file to the distribution folder
2. Use the JSON "SearchEngines:Get" message to pull the list of search engines
3. Look for the new engine in the list
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