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INT8 define conflict w/Windows in media/mtransport/third_party/nrappkit/src/util/libekr/r_types.h


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Windows 7



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(Reporter: jib, Unassigned)


See Bug 837919, comment 35.

Windows defines INT8 as unsigned char (think 8 bits), which conflicts with libekr/r_types.h which defines it as long long (think 8 bytes).

This conflict is apparently known, as there's a workaround for it somewhere in the include tree (someone pointed me at it, I forget where it was), anyhow...

What's unfortunate is that compile may now fail depending on include order, and only on the Windows platform, and it fails on *recommended* include-order in bug 837919, comment 35.

I suggest we either figure out a better place for the workaround that works with recommended include order, or rename the macros and all uses to think bits (e.g. INT8 ===> INT64 etc.).
I'd suggest NR_INT8 or NR_INT64....
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