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Able to view Lookup tool but unable to view/use Edit button to add Moz contact to Apps


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(Reporter: havi, Assigned: robhudson)




Mark and I both now have access to Apps lookup within the FF Marketplace, but there's no per App page edit button, and no ability to Edit. 

We need to be able to add tech evangelists as Mozilla contacts for Apps submitted via Developer workshops and events that we're running. 

This is our most important KPI, so we need this ability for tracking and followup. Please and thank you.
Havi and Mark are in the Support Staff group which has Apps:Configure.  I thought that's all that was needed here, but it looks like there may be something else controlling the editable var.
Component: Admin Tools → Reviewer Tools
Priority: -- → P2
Hello -- who can help make this happen? There are dozens of submissions in Marketplace which should have Havi or Mark as a Mozilla Point of Contact included in their listing record. 

We have a series of new events just a couple weeks ago. Can you expedite this? TIA :)
If you send me a list of apps and their points of contact I can fill them in until this bug is fixed.  Hopefully soon.
Wil, thank you for the offer. This spreadsheet:

is where we are tracking our apps. Some we know are under development or not submitted yet for a variety of reasons, some may already have a BD name next to them but we're counting them for the "assist." Apps in those two categories could be skipped. You can just put my name next to all of them, although the contacts have varied.

There are 67, though, which seems like a lot to ask you to wade through. If it's not going to take too long to correct the bug, we can probably wait. Thx.
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Target Milestone: --- → 2013-04-04
Rob is back from his break and will check this out and maybe save me from it. :)
I've opened up the app edit page for Support Staff but only the "Admin Settings" is editable by users in this group.

I've filed bug 857709 to clean up the front-end to not display the "Edit" buttons for the other sections if you don't have access. For now the other sections aren't editable even though they seem to be.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Rob, Will -- I opened this bug to give Mark Coggins and I the ability to "Edit" the "App Lookup" page. For ex:

We are able to use the Lookup tool but we don't see any "Edit" button and we still don't have that functionality. Not sure what level of review permission Wil gave us.

We need the specific ability to edit the "Mozilla Contact" field in the App Lookup record or some other way. This is for tracking a key KPI for the Tech Evangelism team. 

Thanks for revisiting! This is currently time-sensitive since we've just started a new series of workshops and anticipate new app submissions.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Target Milestone: 2013-04-04 → 2013-04-25
Updated to also show the "Edit Listing" link on the lookup pages. I missed that it wasn't there in the previous patch. 

If you can determine the URL to the edit page yourself that could be a temporary workaround. They are of the form: /developers/app/<app_slug>/edit. You can see the app slugs in the links that are there (e.g. statistics).
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Rob, Thank you - the /edit URL workaround works! 

Will the updated "Edit Listing" link to show up in the next push? When can we expect to see that pushed?
(In reply to havi hoffman [:havi] from comment #9)
> Will the updated "Edit Listing" link to show up in the next push? When can
> we expect to see that pushed?

Yes it will. We usually push on Thursdays around 2pm PST.
(In reply to Rob Hudson [:robhudson] from comment #10) Splendid, thanks.
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