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javascript style.height disables <a href>




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Steps to reproduce:

4 <div> blocks, 3 relative under each other, 4th absolute same height as 2nd <div>.
determine height of 2nd and 4th div and set height to largest of the two,
so that 3rd <div> is under 2nd and 4th <div>
2nd <div> contains <a href=""> elements.

Actual results:

Call to javascript to set the height:
function set_height(objid, h) {
	document.getElementById(objid).style.height = h + "px";
After this call, links in the div with changed height are not functioning.
Without the call, links are functioning: Change the javascript function to:
function set_height(objid, h) {
//	document.getElementById(objid).style.height = h + "px";
and links do function as links
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The page gives cms_right_div, which is otherwise empty, a nonzero height.  This div is positioned on top of the link in the cms_left_div, so clicks go to the cms_right_div, not to the link.  You can see this easily by adding a background to the cms_right_div.

I get this behavior in every single browser I have here (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari), not surprisingly.

You want to set a z-index on the cms_left_div or cms_right_div or both to change the ordering, or change their order in the source, or set pointer-events accordingly if you want things to be transparent to events.
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Comment 2

5 years ago
Thank you very much for the answer, it helps a lot.
The right-div should have a left offset.
With the offset it works fine.

I tested it in Internet Explorer, in that browser the links worked.
Considering the overlap of the right and left div in the test-file,
the behavior in IE is probably not the desired behavior.
IE has some weirness where transparent things are sometimes but not always also transparent to events, which is what might have been going on here.
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