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[dom/phonenumberutils] PhoneNumber.Normalize() handles letters incorrectly.


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In dom/phonenumberutils/PhoneNumber.js, in the function NormalizeNumber, at line 312, the code for converting from letters to numbers incorrectly converts the letters y and z to "10".  It assumes that the letters are evenly distributed in groups of 3.  The incorrect mathematical formula should be replaced by an object that maps letters to digits, I think.

As far as I can tell, however, gecko may not be using this library anymore (except for one call to isViable() from dom/system/gonk/RadioInterfaceLayer.js, and that may be removed by bug 846499). So can we consider just removing this library completely.  (I don't see it being used in gaia anymore, either, though I don't know why not.)
I cited the wrong bug above.  The new bug about NormalizeNumber() handling letters incorrectly is bug 849119
And now I'm commenting in the wrong bug! Please ignore the above.

Also, I was wrong about PhoneNumberUtils being unused.  It is used in dom/mobilemessage/. So we do actually need to fix the NormalizeNumber() function.
I've proposed a fix upstream in

I'm not attaching it here, so I'm just going to needinfo gregor to make sure he sees it. Gregor: I've asked you to review the upstream patch. If you like it we can use this bug to land it in gecko, too.
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I just merged it upstream and will update our gecko code!
Thanks for fixing!
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(tef+, minor patch + tests, and there is no DTMF for the number 10)
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