Firefox button and tab text displays wrong text or becomes 'corrupted' or 'jumbled'




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Steps to reproduce:

My work recently ordered a few new PCs for the IT department, and I got mine today. They installed Windows 8 Pro on it, and I downloaded the newest stable version of Firefox, as well as the newest drivers for the graphics card (Nvidia Quadro 600). I installed Firefox, then the graphics drivers, rebooted, and then this problem showed up. I did not run Firefox prior to installing the drivers. I, then, installed Pale Moon (, which is another browser based on Firefox's core code, and it had the same problems as well. After I saw the same problem in both browsers, I uninstalled Firefox, and reinstalled. The problem was still there. I then uninstalled, and installed the Firefox Beta version, and the problem still exists.

See screenshots for more information.

Actual results:

Occasionally, the text of a tab (and to a lesser extent, the address bar and the Firefox Button in the upper left corner) becomes scrambled or 'corrupted', or even display the wrong text. It happens randomly, and there is no reproduce-able pattern to make it reappear, though it does happen often. When I scroll over the tab, it corrects itself (unless the tab is the current tab) when the tab 'lights' up as you scroll over it. It may or may not revert back to the corrupted or wrong text. This is NOT happening in Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other application. Please see the screenshots attached for examples.

Expected results:

The text should have obviously not been jumbled or 'corrupted' at all. I did not experience on my former PC (same version of Firefox on that one), but after a fresh Windows install, Firefox (and an alternate browser based on Firefox's core code called Pale Moon) have jumbled text in the tab region, and occasionally the address bar and Firefox button.
Is your Issue reproducible when you disable the Hardware Acceleration and restart Firefox?
If yes, please post the Content of the Graphics Section you can get via "about:support" after you re-enabled Hardware Acceleration.


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Jordan, we'd need more information from you.
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