create ads for upcoming conference guides using blueprint-style FxOS identity



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Hey Ty. We're going to be sponsoring a number of upcoming conferences on behalf of Firefox OS, and need a couple of default ads that can be included in the conference guides.

Elements would include:
- blueprint background
- Firefox OS logo
- standard BE THE FUTURE headline + fox illustration lockup

- 8x11.5" (full page)
- 8x5.75" (half page)

- due Wednesday, 3/13
- note: this is dependent on getting the answers to the below questions first thing on Monday...we won't be able to get too far into this project without that info.

Robyn, some questions for you:
- can you confirm the printing specs? Most printers like the files sized with at least a 1/4" bleed added on all sides.
- can you also confirm the printing deliverable? A high-res pdf, perhaps?
- are you sure about the URL? or do we want something more developer-facing, like
Hi John and Ty,
John, to answer your questions:
-For now, we should stick to just the ad (no bleeds) for the 1/2 page ad. We can send the high-res PDF digital version to the conference organizer, don't need to print ourselves. 
-For the full page flyer, it's probably preferable that we print it and ship to the event in NYC, so whatever our printers require for print dimensions. is great!

Hope this helps!
Thanks Robyn. I had thought that Ty was back in the office today, but turns out it's tomorrow. So, we have less available time than originally noted.

Ty, is the Wednesday deadline still doable given your other workload (ping me if you want to discuss priorities)? Let's talk about if a plan B is necessary.
I have put together the 2 Ads as per the specs in Comment 1, and kept the URL to

PLEASE NOTE: Neither prints include a bleed! If a bleed is needed, I can adjust the design fairly quickly to accommodate one.

Here is the link to both PDFs:
Thanks Ty. Robyn, how do these look to you?
Thanks Ty and John! These look awesome!! They'll work just fine.
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