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[no] Major problems with SeaMonkey 2.16 translation


(Mozilla Localizations :: nb-NO / Norwegian Bokmål, defect)

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(Reporter: mcsmurf, Assigned: bokmaal)



the SeaMonkey project got reports that there are major problems with SeaMonkey 2.16 in norwegian language (about:support broken, MailNews does not launch). I've noticed that the SeaMonkey 2.14 translation is used for SeaMonkey aurora and beta (so future 2.17 release). Will there be any updates on the translation in the foreseeable future? Can the SeaMonkey project maybe help in some way?
I'll note the Norwegian Translation I took for 2.16.1 was the exact same as 2.16, and 2.16 seems to work fine (although I can't read norwegian) and can confirm the issue in 2.16.1

I am spinning a rebuild to see if that fixes things, and will look into what may be/have-been wrong with 2.16.1

Marking dep, as I suspect the nb-NO bug (this one) will turn out to be invalid.
Depends on: SM2.16.2
Duplicate of this bug: 849852
Sorry about the trouble on the 2.16.1 release.
A bit late, but sea_beta and sea_aurora l10n are now fully translated again.
Ok, thanks! I guess we can resolve this as fixed now. The major problem was the SeaMonkey 2.16.1 release side. And now that everything is translated again it's even better :)
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