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[META] [Transitions. UX] Implement transitions as specified.


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Transitions a key feature to give the user a clue of the architecture of the OS and how to navigate it.

Please refer to specs:

You can see the samples and grab the CSS code for this transitions in the following link:
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Depends on: 804256
Whiteboard: interaction, UX-P1, [TEF_REQ]
Depends on: 849837
Depends on: 849838
Depends on: 849842
Depends on: 849846
Depends on: 849894
Depends on: 849896
Depends on: 849898
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Updated link to the transitions specs since the one above is not working:

Some folders were moved, sorry for that.
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Setting this bug free since currently not working on it :-(
Assignee: gtorodelvalle → nobody
Depends on: 874181
Hi Przemek, this bug popped up in today's bug bash and we were wondering if it (and its dependant bugs) still apply, their status and so on. Could you tell us anything about them, please? Thank you very much!
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This looks like a very old bug, I never worked on this. I believe Amy will be working on evaluating the transitions soon, she might be able to answer this question.
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(In reply to Przemek Abratowski [:przemek] UX from comment #4)
> This looks like a very old bug, I never worked on this. I believe Amy will
> be working on evaluating the transitions soon, she might be able to answer
> this question.

Agreed this looks very out of date and the examples show a very out of date UI. I am in the process of reviewing our current transitions and marking areas for improvement. I think it might be best to review the current build and create new bugs where we need to fix transitions. NI Peter to confirm.
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Thanks, guys! I agree with Amy regarding creating new bugs but let's wait for Peter's opinion on this ;) If this is the final decision, let's not forget setting the old ones as INVALID. I can do this if you want me to :)
Hi Germán,

Amy is currently doing an analysis of all the major transitions.

Amy and I just went over all the bugs that block this metabug and found that while they technically do still apply, they need to be reconsidered with all the other transition problems we have and prioritized as a _whole_.  Because while all the call transitions that are currently in the build are not to spec, they are not terrible, and our resources may be better spent fixing larger transition problems.

So the short answer is let's hold off on working on these until we do this prioritization.  We'll be having a meeting soon to go over what we plan to fix for 2.2 in terms of transitions.

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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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