Mozillians Privacy Controls: L10N review

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We have a goal this quarter to launch a small new featureset on Mozillians that will include a handful of new strings. 

Our project will create the possibility that Mozillians users can make certain fields on their profiles more public. You can read all about it here:

The strings are under development here:

These strings will fit into the L10N workflow already established, and there aren't very many. So our plan is to just run a string merge to get them into Verbatim as soon as they're ready. However, :pascalc asked that we send him a link to the staged site and a link to the strings so he can review before we run a string merge.


5 years ago
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Nearly all of the strings have landed in our Privacy Controls staging area.

Here are the final strings:

Here is the staging area:

One string (the first one on the etherpad) is in a PR, and will be deployed very soon:

Comment 2

5 years ago
Pull request 437 does not cause any l10n problem, but that bug is in the wrong component as it is not a bug
I'm changing the component.

Pull request 437 is only one of many changes described in the etherpad linked in comment 1. Except for pull request 437, all of the other changes are deployed to the staging area linked in comment 1. 

Component: L10N → Phonebook
Product: → Community Tools
Target Milestone: --- → 2013-03-28
Version: unspecified → other

Comment 4

5 years ago
Do you have pointers to the pull requests that added strings corresponding to the demo server?

Comment 6

5 years ago
Everything looks good except this one:

+            <option value="#">-- View as --</option>
+            <option value="public">Public</option>
+            <option value="mozillians">Mozillians</option>
+            <option value="all">All</option> 

The value options are not enclosed in l10n calls.
The new Mozillians privacy controls are in staging and tagged for a 3/28 release.
Pascal, is there any more L10N review, or is this bug resolved? Thanks!
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Comment 11

5 years ago
From a purely strings point of view, I think we are good, but I am noticing in the site a couple of things that bother me a bit:
* The checkboxes that says something like 'I accept that you keep my data as explained in Mozilla privacy policy" has no link to the privacy policy, if the link is to be added later, you have to make sure that the string has the relevant part of the text to be linked marked up.

* The list of countries does not seem to be localized, if it is localizable, please import the country names from Firefox source code for consistency and so as to avoid having hundreds (tedious) more strings to translate.
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Great, then I'll close this bug.

Pascal, regarding your two points:

1) there's a bug 740989 for the checkbox issue you mention
2) I created bug 854487 for the localized country names, but I'm not sure I understand the actual mechanics of it. Could you please update bug 854487 with your ideas?
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