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More code cleanup (@Overrides and unused imports)


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Bug 845618 and bug 845612 didn't include preprocessed files. Since I have Eclipse working with preprocessed files, we can fix these up too.
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More code cleanup (@Overrides and unused imports)

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I assume you tested this all still builds fine. r=me if that is the case.
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This patch broke builds with --enable-profiling. and use GeckoEvent inside "#ifdef MOZ_PROFILING", and this patch removed the import. I guess the cleanup code you used ignores stuff inside #ifdefs. Frustratingly, I had previously fixed this in bug 786620 and this patch backed out my fix :-(.

Obvious options here:
1) Make Fennec builds fail at configure time if MOZ_PROFILING is enabled. Probably not the best fix.
2) Fix your tools to #define MOZ_PROFILING and any other relevant #ifdefs when you're looking for unused imports.
3) Reorganize the code so that this code isn't #ifdefed.
4) Avoid relying on imports at all inside #ifdefs.
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fix imports

Sorry, and thanks!

We've been talking about moving preprocessed booleans to a single constants file to do all preprocessing in one place, so we will replace these #ifdefs with regular ifs (option 3).
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