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Firefox UI sets random attributes on root nodes, leads to spec violations


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Firefox 22
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firefox20 --- unaffected
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Bug 790934 added a spec violation that's web-observable.  Specifically, it's changing the DOM for about:blank documents, which is web-visible and changing it is a spec violation.
We should just exclude about:blank (mea culpa: bug 790934 comment 15).
I was not aware of this about:blank specification, my assumption to exclude about:blank was for optimization reasons.
Many thanks for pointing it out.
I will add the interdiff to exclude about:blank here, hopefully by end of today.
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(Sorry for the collision, Marco. I wrote this before you assigned it to yourself.)

We need to exclude everything of the pattern:


If we want to avoid using a RegExp, we can just approximate it with the following, which is what this patch does:

doc.documentURI.startsWith("about:") &&
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/^about:(?!blank$)/i should be enough as a regex.. though it's probably more readable a simple doc.documentURI.toLowerCase() != "about:blank"
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Given that it's quite unlikely for about:blankFOO to exist, and if it did we wouldn't care about not adding the listeners to it, this seems fine.
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Thank you for the quick review, Gavin. :)
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Probably worth backporting to aurora too...
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Bug caused by: the landing of bug 90934
User impact if declined: Firefox would continue changing the DOM of about:blank pages in a way that violates a web spec and is visible to any web page that opens about:blank pages
Testing completed: locally and just landed on mozilla-inbound
Risk to taking this patch: minimal; super localized fix
String or UUID changes made by this patch: none
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Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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(In reply to Marco Bonardo [:mak] from comment #4)
> /^about:(?!blank$)/i should be enough as a regex..

No, that's not enough, because any web page can open URIs like about:BLAnk?hi that are still interpreted to be the same document as about:blank, and we should not, from our TabsProgressListener, modify the DOM of any document that web pages can create and read.
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