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Steps to reproduce:

In recent versions of firefox, it looks like we've optimised the loading of RSS feeds so they only actually get loaded when I click on the 'Live Bookmark' folder to open it.

So the first time I click on the BBC News 'folder' I just see a 'Live Bookmark loading...' message. That's fair enough. What offends me is what happens *later*.

The user experience is now....

 1. Click on BBC News folder
 2. Start browsing (outdated) headlines
 3. See an interesting one
 4. Move mouse towards it
 5. Oops! It just updated and they've all gone away
 6. Try to find the story that had caught your eye
 7. Fail to find it because it's now too old

This is a *really* frustrating user experience, and it is extremely repeatable. The timing of the RSS reload is fairly much identical to the time it takes for me to choose a story and start moving my mouse towards it. Sometimes I can't even remember the precise topic of the story that I was taunted with, and can't even search for it successfully.

Expected results:

You probably shouldn't be updating a folder while I'm looking at it. Put some kind of placeholder in at the top to say 'Live Bookmark reloading...' and then let me *click* on it when the results are in, perhaps. And obviously you can update it when it's *not* visible (and hasn't been for about 2 seconds).
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