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Add ability to hide form on /contribute


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We will be linking to /contribute for our 15 anniversary campaign across multiple channels. This will mean a huge spike in traffic to that page and likely a huge number of inquiries coming in via the form. 

Some locales might not be ready for this, so ideally we could have an optional flag somewhere to turn off/hide the form per locale.

Armando, is this something you would be interested in looking into?
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Sure! I want to help with this.

It could be a hard coded dictionary?
(In reply to Armando Neto [:netoarmando] from comment #1)
> Sure! I want to help with this.


> It could be a hard coded dictionary?

I don't know what is possible/easiest in the code, but I was thinking it could be some flag that the locale sets, e.g. something in contribute.lang or some other file that is pulled in at run-time by bedrock.
Right! I'm starting to work on this. I will try your suggestion first. 

Can you assign the bug to me?
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I can check the contribute.lang for a string in the header, but it would be easier if I really use a hardcoded list of locales that must hide the form, because only few of locales will hide the form, and (for me) it is easy to modify this file ( than a locale file. Am I Right?
That sounds right.

I don't know any locales right now that we need to hide. David?

For now I'd say just go ahead with a test for one locale on trunk.
(In reply to Brian King [:kinger] from comment #5)
> I don't know any locales right now that we need to hide. David?

Right -- no one so far has requested this and I wouldn't expect locales to be turning the form on and off regularly.  This is more for locales that are just getting started and need to more gradually ramp up their community building efforts.
Priority: -- → P2
If the locale file (contribute.lang) has the comment flag `## hide_form ##`, then the form will be hidden.
Brian, we should use that for German, they have all the translation work done but not the mailing list set up yet, what do you think?
Another pull request, testcases included:
Closing as per Comment 9 and 12.
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