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Unicode mathematical symbols rendered as grey rectangles


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1. Load
2. See the grey rectangles where there should be (smart) quotation marks

See the attached screenshot.
btw, Chrome and the JB stock browser both render the smart quotes correctly.
I don't see "smart quotes" there, what I see in those places (viewing the page on desktop) are "⟨" and "⟩", which are U+27E8/27E9 from one of the Unicode mathematical symbols blocks.

On a Nexus 10 in Firefox, I see gray boxes, suggesting we don't find a font for those. And in Chrome on the same device, I see...blanks. But not quotes.
oops! You are correct. This problem is not about smart quotes.
Summary: Smart quotes rendered as grey rectangles → Unicode mathematical symbols rendered as grey rectangles
Could you post a screenshot of that page in Chrome and/or stock browser on your device?
Attachment #726227 - Attachment description: Smart_quotes_screenshot.png → Firefox_screenshot.png
Attachment #726227 - Attachment filename: Smart_quotes_screenshot.png → Firefox_screenshot.png
JB stock browser screenshot.
Attached image Chrome_screenshot.png
Chrome screenshot.
Since neither Chrome nor the JB stock browser can render these Unicode symbols, is this still even a bug we should fix? Is there a better fallback character we can render a grey rectangle or, like Chrome and stock, a blank space?
OK, so this isn't a Firefox bug as such, it's a limitation of the fonts available on the device. If there were a font that supported the characters, we'd render them.

I don't think rendering -nothing- (or a small blank space, which is almost the same as "nothing" from a user's point of view) is better, in general, than a visible gray blob. It's better to show the user that there is -something- they're missing than to hide it completely. Though the gray boxes are ugly, I agree. Maybe we could just frame them instead of filling them?

For a "better" fix, we could consider adding a font to our product that includes glyphs for a wide range of the Unicode symbols that are not covered by the standard serif and sans-serif fonts. Maybe just the Regular face of DejaVu Sans - that would cover a huge number of symbols etc that are currently unavailable.

(Or if we finish up bug 619521, perhaps we could provide these via a font that is downloaded on demand.)
For comparison, I think desktop Firefox replaces missing Unicode glyphs with a rectangle (empty or containing a hex code) or a (upside-down?) question mark.
Right. The code to draw a "hexbox" is explicitly disabled on mobile (probably for performance reasons, though I guess we could revisit that).
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