Crashes on Quitting, Back M091[@ .__ptr_glue - nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange]



17 years ago
14 years ago


(Reporter: namachi, Assigned: mscott)


({crash, qawanted, topcrash})

Mac System 9.x
crash, qawanted, topcrash

Firefox Tracking Flags

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(Whiteboard: [br], crash signature)



17 years ago
This is one of the topcrash for Mac OS reported by Talkback. This is the
early result of Milestone M091 release.

         nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange()   [nsDocLoader.cpp  line 1095]
         nsDocLoaderImpl::doStopDocumentLoad()  [nsDocLoader.cpp  line 730]
         nsDocLoaderImpl::DocLoaderIsEmpty()    [nsDocLoader.cpp  line 631]
         nsDocLoaderImpl::OnStopRequest()       [nsDocLoader.cpp  line 561]
         nsLoadGroup::RemoveRequest()   [nsLoadGroup.cpp  line 512]
         imgRequestProxy::OnStopRequest()       [imgRequestProxy.cpp  line 380]
         imgRequest::OnStopRequest()    [imgRequest.cpp  line 636]
         ProxyListener::OnStopRequest() [imgLoader.cpp  line 372]
         nsStreamListenerTee::OnStopRequest()   [nsStreamListenerTee.cpp  line 
         nsHttpChannel::OnStopRequest() [nsHttpChannel.cpp  line 2067]
         nsOnStopRequestEvent::HandleEvent()    [nsRequestObserverProxy.cpp  
line 158]
[nsRequestObserverProxy.cpp  line 63]
         PL_HandleEvent()       [plevent.c  line 590]
         PL_ProcessPendingEvents()      [plevent.c  line 520]
         nsEventQueueImpl::ProcessPendingEvents()       [nsEventQueue.cpp  line 
         nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::ProcessPLEventQueue()      [nsToolkit.cpp  
line 135]
         nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::RepeatAction()     [nsToolkit.cpp  line 99]
         Repeater::DoRepeaters()        [nsRepeater.cpp  line 119]     
(31567913)       URL:
     (31567913) Comments: changing the theme
     (31561163) URL:
     (31557691) Comments: Could not use location box
     (31552187) Comments: sending mail
     (31543112) Comments: was typeing an url in the location bar. happend after 
changing some preferences.
     (31541788) Comments: it seems that the scrollwheel (wacom) interferes when 
loading page
     (31541219) URL:
     (31541219) Comments: Going to the site above
     (31538814) URL:
     (31538814) Comments: java-site
     (31533046) Comments: Opening the email component
     (31532043) Comments: I was filling out an online form with two visible 
     (31529338) Comments: I was quiting Mozilla.
     (31529260) Comments: Accessing ebay
     (31526245) Comments: clicked on back button
     (31526062) Comments: clicked back button
     (31521168) Comments: Opening Preferences
     (31517989) Comments: Quitting browser
     (31517303) Comments: flipping through sections in the left pane of the 
prefs dialogcrash occured when I selected Appearance
     (31517123) Comments: Launching Mozilla 9.1 (TalkBack) Mac OS version for 
the 1st time :(
     (31501555) Comments: opening mail-application on my mac...
     (31501504) Comments: ...opening the mail-applicationYou<re doing a great 
     (31495807) URL:
     (31495807) Comments: clicked on the back button
     (31495555) Comments: clicked the back button
     (31486737) Comments: typing in a URL
     (31483060) Comments: I was on
     (31478772) Comments: Hitting the tab key while focus was inside a text 
input element.
     (31470691) Comments: Hitting tab to go to the next form field
     (31468834) Comments: i was closing a window. i just loaded it.!


17 years ago
Severity: normal → critical
Keywords: crash, qawanted, topcrash
OS: Windows NT → Mac System 9.x

Comment 1

17 years ago
What good does it do filing a topcrash to browser general?  This needs an owner, 
cc'ing potential candidates.
Summary: Crashes on Quiting, Back M091[@ nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange] → Crashes on Quitting, Back M091[@ nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange]
Whiteboard: [br]

Comment 2

17 years ago
radha, can you look at this or find somebody to start the investigation? 
maybe simon or pink can help if its Mac specific.
I wonder if this is a dup of another topcrash on windows...
Assignee: asa → radha

Comment 3

17 years ago
Radha, are you the correct owner for this bug?  If not, could you reassign A.S.A.P.?
Reassigning to mscott, since the problem seems to be in docloader. 
Assignee: radha → mscott


17 years ago
Hardware: PC → Macintosh

Comment 5

17 years ago
The last talkback crash with this stack trace was in early june. This crash has
been fixed and is fixed on the branch.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 6

17 years ago
I have not seen this crash in Talkback data for a while now.  Marking verified
Summary: Crashes on Quitting, Back M091[@ nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange] → Crashes on Quitting, Back M091[@ .__ptr_glue - nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange]
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Crash Signature: [@ .__ptr_glue - nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnStateChange]
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