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[Calendar] Create event header action button label should be "Done" instead of "Save"



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4 years ago
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Unagi pvt nightly build
Gecko: 5579b5a07aa29ca701df8e108772425cc14554e8
Gaia: c5a8b6476f0dbc456061227a7801e56634683eb0
BuildID: 20130319070203
Version 18.0

Similar to Bug 838917

Steps to repro:
* go to calendar
* click on a day to create an event

* create event header action button label reads "Done" in other to fit the rest of the UI

Actual result:
* the create event header action button label reads "Save"
Keywords: late-l10n
We should ask Casey about this. The original bug only listed the edit event as having 'Done' text.
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Apparently this is to be consistent with other UI already in place.
(also mentioned in Bug 827228)
Heh, apparantly we need to define some standards, after looking at other apps, these are the primary actions:

New event: 'Save'
Edit event: 'Done'
New contact: 'Done'
Edit contact: 'Update'
Edit image: Checkmark icon
Hotspot settings: 'OK'

Seems like we are all over the place here, but 'Done' does seem to be fairly standard. If we go down this approach, I'd recommend opening a bug to track the changes for each location.

Comment 4

4 years ago
Oops.  Yes UX needs to be made consistent in a bunch of places.

I will open bugs for each as suggested by Kevin.

Let's go with "Done"
Flags: needinfo?(kyee)
Keywords: late-l10n
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