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Provide access to Google CalDAV v2 API


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Google is shutting down their v1 API, we need to move to the new one that uses OAuth. This means we need to provide OAuth authentication for the caldav provider, likely special cased on the hostname.

I've tested this already with a static auth key and the caldav endpoint works fine. I just need to flash the OAuth window. Thunderbird has some OAuth code already, but last I tried this needs some modifications to work with Google's OAuth implementation.

I had hoped I can use nsIHttpAuthenticator, but its synchronous and Google doesn't provide the right values on a 401.

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This should take care. I don't know if all Google accounts secretly have this enabled yet, but if you can I'd appreciate some testing.
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Fix - v1

Looks like the patch is missing a file.
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Ah yes, here is the patch with file
It looks like the host name that triggers the use of OAuth is "". What URL do you need to use for the calendar location to use v2 of the API?
For this to be public, I'm going to have to apply some obfuscation to the part of the code that holds the OAuth secrets. I've discussed this with the Google folks and we have come to a solution that works for both of us. Patch coming soon.
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From a quick test this seems to work but I noticed a problem after setting up a master password in Thunderbird. Thunderbird will not startup anymore, the master password prompt will appear partially but is not operable and Thunderbird uses 100 % CPU cycles. Thunderbird starts fine again if I switch off the calendar by setting "calendar.registry.<id>.disabled" to true for the calendar.
Mmh that doesn't sound too good. These master passwords are really a pain! Any idea why its happening?
Do you consider this feature public now, i.e. we can go ahead and file public bugs for missing features or enhancement requests or problems like mentioned in comment 10? Or should they be filed as security hidden?
Go ahead and file public bugs, just keeping this one private because it contains the key in plaintext.
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