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statsd is configured and we're using the Graphite middleware so we're counting response status codes. We can see them in Graphite.

However, we're not keeping track of anything else.

Things we should (possibly) be tracking:

* ES errors
* # responses (the feedback responses entered, not http responses)
* view handling times

We should do this work post-production.
Putting these in my queue for this quarter.
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This would probably be helpful, but I'm going to push this off for now.
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I was just fiddling with this with the API. I'll add some this quarter.
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Fixing the whiteboard (there was an extra space).

This may not be as helpful as it once might have been now that we're using New Relic. Making this a P4, but we might want to just nix it.
Priority: -- → P4
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Oops--meant to bump it out of the sprints.
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We're capturing view handling times in New Relic, so don't need to do it with statsd/graphite.

We're capturing the number of feedback responses as well as happy/sad.

We're not capturing ES errors, yet. I'll add that.
Putting it in this quarter, estimating it at a point.

In a PR:
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Pushed to prod just now. Marking as FIXED.
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