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17 years ago
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(Reporter: david.butts, Assigned: justdave)






17 years ago
Initally, I rejected the cookies bugzilla.mozilla.org attempted to set, and no
obvious errors were generated.  As a first-time bugzilla user, I didn't know
what to expect in terms of confirmation that a bug had been filed, or how long
to wait for it to show up in a query before assuming it had failed and
resubmitting it.

Particularly given the disclaimer that bugzilla works (albeit less easily) w/
javascript disabled, the relative stealth of the apparent cookie-dependence
seems misleading.

Of course, now I know...
But cookies AREN'T required.  They just significantly increase your 
functionality.  If you have cookies turned off, you have to log in again any time 
you click something that requires you to be logged in.  But it still works.  it's 
just a pain in the *** to run it that way.  Very deliberate steps were taken in 
many places in bugzilla to make sure that it would work without cookies.

The only thing that you CAN'T do without cookies is use the Show List link to go 
back to your most recent buglist.  But you can do that just as easily with the 
Back button in your browser.

Comment 2

17 years ago
Hm.  It's entirely possible that it was DUE, but I had tried to submit a
bug (which in a later incarnation, became 85370, FWTW).  When I tried to
commit it, it didn't give me the cheerful, affirmative sort of message I
got after submitting 85370 w/ cookies on.  What other factors, mixed with
a lack of cookies, might conspire to prevent bug submission?

Is there a polite way to submit dummy bugs?  Would opening a spurious bug
and then closing it myself be the Wrong Thing to do?

In the greater scheme of things, it's probably not that big a deal, since
my subsequent research got me reading more of TFM, and almost certainly
led to a better bug report, but I am curious.
Yeah, feel free to open test bugs.  Just make sure it says enough in the summary 
that we know it's a test bug, and make sure you put "invalid" for the reason code 
when you resolve it.

Comment 4

17 years ago
My bad, I've since managed to do all kinds of stuff w/out cookies.  Must just be
getting senile.
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