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Build ID: 20130307023931

Steps to reproduce:

I followed a link to http://join.mozilla.org/thankyou.en.html
I filled out the "Your name" field
I clicked the "Print my card" button

Actual results:


Expected results:

A generated PDF shoud have poped-up in a new window/tab.

I then added http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js to a white list in Adblock Plus and it worked as expected.

I have Adblock Plus rules that blocks content from Facebook domains as long as I'm not visiting one of these. This little trick/compromise gives me a little more control over my privacy. I have the same kind of rules for several other "social network" websites.
If this is related to an add-on, please contact the developer of the add-on; https://adblockplus.org/forum/ 


Comment 2

6 years ago
This is not.
I don't see any reason why loading some JavaScript from Facebook is required to generate/show the PDF file.
It should not be doing that. Have you tried clearing cache and cookies?
Need to be using https://, not http://.
Component: other.mozilla.org → donate.mozilla.org
Pandark, are you still having this issue?
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Comment 6

6 years ago
Yes. Sorry I didn't follow up…

So, the only error I see is the following:

Error: require.js load timeout for modules: http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js  @ http://join.mozilla.org/assets/js/require-jquery.js?ver=0.3:1

…which is quite logical as I blocked facebook.net.
It's probably not a huge problem, since many people don't block facebook that way, although it might do the same if facebook is blocked through a proxy or something else.

Also, now, if I go to the https version of the page, I have the same error because the non-https javascript file from facebook is not loaded even if I don't specifically block facebook:

Blocked loading mixed active content "http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js" @ https://join.mozilla.org/assets/js/require-jquery.js?ver=0.3:1
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I can reproduce this issue now but view this: http://mzl.la/13jCUSU
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Comment 8

5 years ago
Since I'm automatically redirected to the https version of the page, the JavaScript file from Facebook is not loaded.
Consequently, it now never works for me (the link does nothing except adding a # in the URL).
The fact that it fails to load somehow seems break the page, which then does not generate the pdf file.
The only difference I see is before it was blocked because of one rule I added to adblock plus and now it is by Firefox itself because it is not https.

I still fail to see why the loading of this facebook connect script is needed to generate a pdf on Mozilla website.
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