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5 years ago
We have the opportunity to release a new feature in Firefox, a self-auditing system giving advanced users useful information and tips about the performance of their browser. These users can also share this data with Mozilla so as to help improve Firefox performance. This new feature takes the form of a new in-product page accessible at about:healthreport

The product part of it are a few strings in the Firefox source code, the server-side part is a lang file to translate the UI, explain what the collected values are and give performance tips.

The repository for your locale is:

The specific file to translate is:

There is a staging server being set up there:

(Note at the time of filing this bug, the staging server is not autoupdating code and translations yet and is in heavy works since localizers are working in parallel to the webdev team creating this mini-site).

We might release this feature for the next Aurora but that's totally unsure, given that this is server side, we should be able to update the server after we have released the next Firefox Aurora. 


Comment 1

5 years ago
Draft created r114517, some nits r114520 and r114521.

Pascal, just to be sure: are these ‘not idle’ phrases correct? I.o.w. what’s intended here is a running and actively used session, where ‘idle’ means a running but not actively used one, right?

I ask because our locale sometimes localizes ‘running’ to ‘active’, which in this case would cause some serious misunderstanding if this handles running but not actively used sessions, as we already localize ‘idle’ as ‘inactive’. One could also imagine that the ‘not idle’ lines formerly used ‘not active’ (as opposed to the lines containing ‘running’), where these have been changed to ‘idle’ while forgetting to drop the ‘nots’. :)

Comment 2

5 years ago
Maybe putting the example of how we translated in Frencg (in case you can read it) would help:

The time in seconds that the aborted sessions were not idle
Le temps en secondes d'activité continue des sessions interrompues

so in French we translated 'not idle' as 'continuous activity'

I confess that I find these sentences not so easy to undestand as well (and we did remove the hardest ones ;)). I let Théo translate this part because he is more of a developer than me, maybe you can ask him in #l10n or #frenchmoz on IRC?

PS: I am at an event in Peru for the week, that's also why I delegate to Théo ;)
(In reply to Ton from comment #1)
> Draft created r114517, some nits r114520 and r114521.
;You've chosen to stop sharing data with Mozilla, but you'll still be able to see how your browser is performing.
U hebt het delen van gegevens met Mozilla gestopt, maar u kunt nog steeds zien hoe goed uw browser presteert.

Ik zou 'hoe goed' hier niet gebruiken, je kan ook zien waarom heij slecht presteerd en het dan oplossen ;-)
'U hebt het delen van gegevens met Mozilla gestopt, maar u kunt nog steeds zien hoe uw browser presteert.'

Comment 4

5 years ago
(In reply to Tim Maks van den Broek from comment #3)

Helemaal mee eens, goed gezien ook. Ik heb ‘goed’ hier verwijderd -> r114621.

Overigens komt dit nog 2 keer voor (regels 142, 414), waarvan 1 keer wel met ‘goed’, maar daar gebruikt Engels dan ook ‘how well’. Die maar zo laten?
Lijkt me wel :-)

Comment 6

5 years ago
Live and looking good, thanks guys :)
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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