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6 years ago
Target go live date April 1.

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6 years ago
Hi!  I just posted the files to the design bug. Please let me know if I need to re-post here or provide anything else.  huge thanks.
Can you attach here please? tabzilla change sounds as an l10n impact, tabzilla is no longer English-only and is now available in 32 locales. Also, it's used on more than If there is a string impact and that string is one of those you asked for the campaign, we should include the mozorg/15years.lang file temporarily into tabzilla while the campaign is running.
The tabzilla promo is not a blocker for launch.  And doesn't have to be used in all locales.

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6 years ago
Thanks Pascal.  Agree with Jen.  I didn't mean to stir anything up with respect to l10n. It has only been delivered in en-US anyway as a possible promo asset.
So what will be used instead for locales? Unless I misundestand something, that sounds like having a promo in English in tabzilla for locales that do have tabzilla translated, that's suboptimal if the string used there is one we have translated for facebook. Also, if we want to direct people from that promo to the contribute page promoting 15 years of Mozilla, we need to maintain a list of the locales in tabzilla that have the promo there because if we do locale detection, most of the locales will land on a page with no 15 years promo on that page.

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6 years ago
I meant that we can deploy the en-US promo for en-US locales - definitely not suggesting we serve en-US to other locales.  If this is an issue then we can just not put anything in Tabzilla...
We should put something in tabzilla, but that means a change in the template to use the right promo for the locales that do the campaign and make sure we don't put the promo for the locales that don't participate in the campaign. That's perfectly doable and we should do it, that's actually an opportunity to serve different content per locale from As long as we use a string from the 15years.lang file, the l10n impact is on the template and not on the translation side.

In short, what I wouldn't want to see is for example a Russian user clicking on tabzilla, seeing a promo in English incitating to visit a page about the anniversary and potentially landing on a page that doesn't talk about 15 years.

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6 years ago
Thanks. Sounds good.  So, is there something more I can help provide here?
I think it would be good if I could sync with the webdev tomorrow on IRC to see how we can change the template, who is the webdev in charge of it?

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6 years ago
Tabzilla promo was removed from scope. Only need to implement the homepage promo.

Craig, designs are done in bug#855080. can you grab this today?
Assignee: nobody → craigcook.bugz

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6 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Fix bug 855103 - 15th anniversary home page promo
Merge pull request #728 from craigcook/bug-855103-moz15-home-promo

Fix bug 855103 - 15th anniversary home page promo


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