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Show footer with all versions on "Firefox <XX> for developers"-pages


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The pages "Firefox <xx> for developers" include only links to older versions of Firefox. I've noticed that I usually want to visit the pages for other versions of Firefox (not necessarily older ones) too when I'm looking at one. Maybe the footer with links could include links to the newer ones, too?

I checked the source of such a page and I think it could be achieved by setting the maxVersion in [1] to the latest release version instead of taking a parameter? All pages including the template would need to be changed to say "Other versions" instead of "Older versions". The maxVersion would have to be updated with every release then, of course :(

This would indeed be nice to have and should be quite easy to do.
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Because of my language skills is low, I may not be able to understand what this means. But I made ​ following changes:$compare?to=422555&from=382873

If you want check output of this template, please check here:

If you set "100" to arguments, 100 links will display. (Firefox 100!!)
{{ Firefox_for_developers("100") }}

If you omit argument, macro will use numbers defined in template: 
 {{ Firefox_for_developers() }}
 {{ Firefox_for_developers }}

I think better to omit argument of the macro.
We need only update the variable in this template.
There are tons of errors in the template that prevent it from working. I am attempting to hunt them all down and fix them. :)
I've reverted this template back to showing only older versions. The entire design of the code to try to also show newer versions was so flawed that I couldn't easily make it work.

We'll try it again from scratch. :)
I think error is system's problem.
I was check it.
(In reply to from comment #7)
> (In reply to Eric Shepherd [:sheppy] from comment #3)
> You should check history of this template.
> Firefox_for_developers$history?limit=all
> Firefox_for_developers$compare?to=422555&from=382873
> Firefox_for_developers$compare?to=433021&from=422555

Because the template had become so badly broken and non-working due to changes made to it that I had to revert it. Between terrible bugs such as use of %0 instead of $0 for parameters and use of variables that don't exist (such as the minVersion variable) in for loops, the entire thing was a disaster. I will work on rebuilding the functionality that was being aimed for once I finish rebuilding the canvas docs.
(In reply to Eric Shepherd [:sheppy] from comment #8)

Why I was deprived the authority to edit the template?
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> (In reply to Eric Shepherd [:sheppy] from comment #8)
> Why I was deprived the authority to edit the template?

I told you already, by email -- to be sure you stopped working until you read the email asking you to please do your work on a temporary test template, make sure everything works, then copy it back into place. You've broken several templates lately, and I've had to go fix them to make them work correctly.

Sometimes the breakage is simply that you've added or changed the functionality in a way that's not what it's meant to be used for, and sometimes it's been that you've left the templates either completely broken (such as with the "Firefox for developers" template this bug is about) or only working in Japanese, which has happened once or twice.

I'm not trying to discourage you from working on templates, it was just meant to get you to stop long enough to read the email with my advice. If you're ready to be sure you test your macros before you deploy them, I'll switch your permission back on.
(In reply to Eric Shepherd [:sheppy] from comment #10)

In your e-mail:

"I've temporarily removed your template editing permissions due to a number of templates you've accidentally broken pretty badly."

Which template?
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