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Disable libraries folding on mingw


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After bug 648407 landed, mingw compilation is broken. There are a few problems that would have to be addressed to fix this. Two main problems are that the code gets library names wrong in many places and it expects linker to be able to fixup broken __declspec(dllexport/dllimport) on its own. While I could get the first part to mostly work, second one is more tricky as it requires binutils changes. That's why I decided to disable libraries folding for now, to have more time to prepare toolchain to cope with this mess.

The attached patch:

- Unsets MOZ_FOLD_LIBS for mingw in
- Chabges NSS_DEP_LIBS to be what is currently expected by the rest of build system (it shouldn't change anything on non-mingw targets)
- Enabled .def and .rc files in sqlite3 module. I don't know why it was ifdefed in the first place. It's not really needed for this bug, but that's something I found while trying to fix library folding.

Once this bug lands, I will file a followup to reenable folding on mingw.
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I forgot to mention try push:

It's green so far, Windows builds still running.
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@@ +3999,5 @@
>          \$(LIBXUL_DIST)/lib/\$(LIB_PREFIX)crmf.\$(LIB_SUFFIX) \

What is this trying to fix?
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(In reply to Mike Hommey [:glandium] from comment #2)
> Comment on attachment 730635 [details] [diff] [review]
> fix
> Review of attachment 730635 [details] [diff] [review]:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> :::
> @@ +3999,5 @@
> >          \$(LIBXUL_DIST)/lib/\$(LIB_PREFIX)crmf.\$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
> > +        \$(LIBXUL_DIST)/lib/\$(LIB_PREFIX)smime$NSS_VERSION${DLL_LINK_SUFFIX} \
> > +        \$(LIBXUL_DIST)/lib/\$(LIB_PREFIX)nssutil$NSS_VERSION${DLL_LINK_SUFFIX}"
> What is this trying to fix?

Those libraries' import libraries are using libX.a variant for their names currently. This changes NSS_DEP_LIBS to match that so that security/manager/ssl/src/ can find its dependences.

Note that DLL_PREFIX is empty on Windows builds and is supposed to be used for DLL names, not libs/importlibs. DLL_PREFIX is the same as LIB_PREFIX on each platform except mingw, so this change should be safe.
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You know what? just remove NSS_DEP_LIBS, it's useless.
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OK, here is a patch removing NSS_DEP_LIBS. Tested on clobbered mingw build.
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