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Following extensive debate we would like to go forward setting up Moz2D in a separate repository. We'd like to get something setup for this. Eventually the aim is this would become the main repository for Moz2D and would be imported to mozilla-central on a regular basis, and will need its own builds ran on it, etc.
Per IRC chat, this is to be a permanent repository, eventually with it's own builds, tbpl, etc.. It will occasionally be merged into m-c.

For that scope, we need some additional information. Most of that is described on

In addition to the information requested there, can you also give some pointers to:
 - estimate on when builds from branch will be needed
 - estimate on when first merge to m-c will be
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5 years ago

- what commit access level is required

The same as mozilla-central. Level 3 I think that is?

- the purpose of the repository

This repository will be the de facto repository for development of Moz2D. The 2D rendering system used in Servo and Gecko.

- which product(s) it will ship as part of (if any)

This will ship at least as part of Gecko, and to the best of our knowledge as part of Servo as well.

Builds from the branch should first be needed somewhere in the coming months. It should be noted that this is a -completely separate- codebase from m-c. So we're talking much smaller builds and much smaller/less expensive test suites. As a matter of fact the purpose here is explicitly to reduce load on our normal build machines and still have a larger test coverage.

Merging to m-c will not happen in the regular way. As per discussion on dev-platform we will be pulling the code into m-c regularly through scripting. We'll be avoiding the use of mercurial subrepos and other systems in order to simplify the process for users of mozilla-central. The process of pulling the Moz2D repo into mozilla-central will presumably start in the next couple of months as well.
Thanks for those responses - that helps a bunch. Here's the plan:
 - we'll create repository
 - we'll start a separate discussion on how to integrate with the build machinery (while we have time before this is needed, we do want to avoid surprises and last minute scrambles in either team).
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repo created and ready for use.

Further discussion re build process will happen in bug 860003
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