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5 years ago
2 years ago


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5 years ago
We would like to see an orange factor breakdown by platform area. This will loosely translate into a per-team breakdown.  It won't be extremely precise but it will give us pointy-hair types some indication of how well our teams are doing w.r.t. creating instability in our test harnesses.  Kyle L and Mcote already did some work and analysis on breaking down the various teams w.r.t. bugzilla components, and so some of those heuristics might translate here to do this mashup.

Here is my top guess of platform areas that I'd like to see broken down by platform area and team in parenthesis.
* Automation (releng and ateam)
* Gfx (gfx)
* DOM/Content (content)
* Layout/rendering (layout)
* widget (widget, per platform folks)
* android (android)
* b2g (b2g)
* netwerk (network)
* nss (nss)
* nspr (nspr)

I know it's something of a judgement call to do this and it won't ever be perfect, but at least this might give us some kind of idea of what our per platform area breakdown actually is. I'll take a quick experiment to see if it is useful before we come up with a long term solution to see how useful it is.  Also, feel free to edit/add teams to this.


3 years ago
Product: Testing → Tree Management
Good idea for Orange Factor version 2
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