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Alter socorro regex args check


( Graveyard :: Server Operations, task)

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(Reporter: lonnen, Assigned: rbryce)


We're changing to a rewritten processor started with different arguments, so the following alert will need to be altered:

< nagios-phx1> | PROCS CRITICAL: 0 processes with regex args 'startProcessor' Last Checked: 2013-04-01 12:48:38 PDT


We've already switched stage over, where the above alert is coming from. Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning we'll be deploying these changes to production.

This is fairly easy to change.  Let me know before the push to prod, and I can make the monitoring change then.
Assignee: server-ops → rbryce
Due to the FF release this week we're holding this release. Instead we pushed a small release through staging that cleared the error stage, and then after its release to production re-staged processor2012, triggering the error again.

Sorry about that.

Monday or Tuesday we anticipate pushing processor 2012 to production.
Prod push is done. We've got one hiccup for lars to investigate before we decide to go forward with this.
we're ready to move forward with this anytime. Processor alerts have been ack'd and are waiting for the change.
updated the regex to match on processor_app.  Nagios status for the check has recovered.
Closed: 6 years ago
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Product: → Graveyard
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