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support better product urls


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We're using a form id scheme like this:

For example::

In bug #847789, Mark suggested we switch to something that's easier to maintain in clients and also used in a lot of other places.

Right now all we need is the locale, product and channel. We're getting the locale already, so we just need to change the shape of the form id portion.

We'd switch it to:


So a full url would be:

That has the information we need. We have general mobile and desktop forms already that we'll use as fallbacks when more specific feedback forms aren't available.
Can you give an example of what %PRODUCT%/%CHANNEL% would be? "firefox/stable"? "fennec/nightly"?
Putting these in my queue for this quarter.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
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Making this a P2. This should get figured out soon so it can be documented and things can be changed.
Priority: -- → P2
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Firefox OS and Firefox for Android are going to use the Input API. Additionally, we don't have any new forms, so I think it's prudent to push this off until we have to figure it out. We don't gain anything by figuring it out now and possibly designing something that's "wrong".

I'm punting on this until we need it.
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Tossing this in input.2013q4. Seems like something we should be doing.
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Tweaking the title to be "more correct".

Making this a P1 since we should get to this soon.
Priority: P2 → P1
Summary: redo form id scheme → support better product urls
This would probably make it easier to magically handle products where the user agent has nothing to do with the product like appmaker.

Having said that, we'd need to tweak the forms so that they're more general or add a card for picking a product before it'd really work.

Fixing this bug is a good first step.
Pushing this to next quarter.
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Making this block Metro support because I really need it for Metro support.
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In a PR:

Two things:

1. The url format is this:

which switches version and channel from comment #4.

2. The known acceptable products list is currently hard-coded. To add new supported products, we'll need to update the code. This is a stop-gap until we add more comprehensive product management code with a web form for adding new products, editing products, removing products, etc.
If there's anything we need to do for Firefox for Android to support this change, please file a bug and you can assign in to me, thanks!
Margaret: There's a bug for switching Firefox for Android over to using the Input API. (I forget the bug number, but I know you've seen it.) Once that gets implemented, then this won't affect anything except for if someone wanted to add a feedback link to any websites related to Firefox for Android.
Oh, I'm being silly! This is super helpful for blog entries, tweets, etc.

So someone leaving feedback for Firefox for Android 26 would go to:

If you wrote a blog entry soliciting feedback on something you did that landed in nightly for 29, you could do:

Then you can filter for those things in the dashboard and voila!
Landed in master: 


Pushed to stage and production.

Marking this as FIXED.
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I think this ended up taking a couple of days, so retroactively marking it as 2 points.
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