New "download experience" is jarring and completely unnecessary




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Steps to reproduce:

I went to look at my downloads.

Actual results:

It's the "new experience", it's lumped in with "history" which is jarring and stupid.

Expected results:

I should've gotten the old/default "experience" as they're calling it. Or I should've been allowed to stick with the old one. As was done with the idiotic and ass backwards menu(new) menu system. But there's no way to stop it.

Comment 1

6 years ago
So for me, I'm sticking with 19, and _never_ upgrading till it's fixed. Bug issues, security issues, I don't care. I'm not upgrading ever. If I have to, I'll jump ship to chromium. I'm telling _everyone_ to get rid of this god awful thing. This is stupid an idiotic, it's just like microsoft and "metro" no one wants it, but they think that they know what's best. Designers who have a **** for their own "creations" are never right. You should never drastically change the way someone uses an interface without a way to back out of it. All you've done is screw up everything, and make it entirely imposible to even work with the thing.

Furthermore the way to get to it is still the old/stupid shortcut. Linux for whatever reason has always been ctrl+shift+y, instead ctrl+j or similar, on _every_ other platform out there. Why is linux have to be completely different? That's another thing which I'll never understand. This browser/organization seems to be driven/ruled by a bunch of "designers" who think they know what's best for everyone.

Firefox on android has gotten to become such a slow and buggy mess, the _built in_ browser on my phone functions better and doesn't crash randomly, and is slow as hell. This is with _zero_ extensions too, before you dare claim it's that. This is with just 1 tab, my built in browser is able to do 14+. This is idiotic, constantly changing the UI for no reason, and making the product worse ontop of it. This entire organization seems to be filled with people who _love_ to show off how great designers they all are.


6 years ago
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Bugzilla is not a general feedback or discussion Forum.
UI Design decisions should be discussed in the newsgroups/google groups and not here in bugzilla.

We accept bugs about changed designs if you find a functional bug due to the new UI.
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