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Import reftests in dom/imptests


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Depends on: 866424
smontagu for the bidi-related ones, mounir for the others. Note that most of these are moves, as they already lived somewhere else in m-c.
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Haven't automated this for now, given the small number of dirs.
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Part b: Import HTML's reftests

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r=me for the bidi tests. As far as I remember, none of the changes in the version that I checked in to layout/reftests/bidi/dirAuto are vital, and some of them may even be deleterious (e.g. adding dir to the <bdi>s in dir_auto-contained-bdi-L.html).
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Part a: Update to import reftests as well

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::: dom/imptests/
@@ +110,4 @@
>          for mochitest in d["mochitests"]:
>              shutil.copy("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, mochitest), "%s/test_%s" % (destdir, mochitest))
> +        for reftest in sorted(reftestfiles):
> +            shutil.copy("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, reftest), "%s/%s" % (destdir, reftest))

it'd be nice to combine these loops into a two layer nested loop (but not impportant)
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Part d: A few more

Will do this in another bug.
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