hekad project building on ci.mo (builds, jenkins plugins, environment reqs)



6 years ago
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(Reporter: benbangert, Assigned: jason)





6 years ago
I setup a hekad build on ci.mozilla.org under my account, but apparently don't have privileges to build it.

Since the build/ URL space is separately protected, I can't setup github recieve hooks to trigger the build either. Our case is slightly complex in that changes to either of two repos should trigger a build. Short of being able to use the "Trigger builds remotely" feature, it'd be useful to have the "URL Trigger" plugin installed so that I can use it to monitor both repo's for changes to trigger a build.

Our build requires a package not always on build machines which I haven't been able to verify its presence on our build machines yet either. We need cmake 2.8 or greater for our build process, along with g++ installed (which I assume is already installed).
ci.m.o is actually run by webdev, not RelEng! We also have resources to do continuous integration, but it wouldn't be through Jenkins or ci.m.o.

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6 years ago
Ah, and which component is that? The search led me to believe this belonged here...
(In reply to Ben Bangert [:benbangert] from comment #2)
> Ah, and which component is that? The search led me to believe this belonged
> here...

I'm not sure if there is one...I'm hoping Rob Helmer will be able to direct you to the right place.
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6 years ago
An update, I have it building, but it needs cmake 2.8 or greater installed.
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I see I am too late :) but server-ops::webops is the right place.
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6 years ago
Remaining work needed for this bug:
- Install cmake 2.8 or later on the CI builders

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6 years ago
Also useful to have for post-build rpm generation:
- Install rpmbuild
- Install fpm

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6 years ago
cmake 2.8.8, fpm, and rpmbuild installed on jenkins host.
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