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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Today I am experiencing sustained 100% cpu usage and memory growth that consumes my machine.  It takes around an hour to get to that state based on my last restart.  about:memory?verbose shows me:

2,240,116,131 B (100.0%) -- explicit
├──1,819,527,043 B (81.22%) ── heap-unclassified
├────171,815,384 B (07.67%) -- window-objects

with no site taking any significant amount of memory.  Within the past hour, I didn't load many tabs at all.  I do have a social provider loaded, though the provider is not showing up using memory.  

Even after the restart to enter this bug, within a few minutes I'm at 100% cpu and 1.2GB.  I'm going to disable a bunch of stuff to see what happens.  otherwise, I'm not sure about how to best dig into this.

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6 years ago
heh, I don't know that this is socialapi, just used my default new-bug link.
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I'm wondering if there could be a regression tied to bug 854763 or bug 850968.
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> regression tied to bug 854763

Extremely unlikely.  My first guess would be hardware acceleration -- try setting layers.acceleration.disabled to true in about:config.

You could also try DMD to diagnose the heap-unclassified:  https://wiki.mozilla.org/Performance/MemShrink/DMD.
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6 years ago
Both memory and cpu use seems to have settled down after I disabled a few addons I didn't need, two which had fairly old versions of jetpack.
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