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Steps to reproduce:

Update aurora to v22.0a2 (first releasy day) then start an event which has a countdown on the website of a game. Having a greasemonkey script that start: <embed src (...) hidden=false autostart=true loop=false>

Actual results:

The song is add on the page and don't start. (Actually, flashgot plugin detect the song)

Expected results:

The script should have add the song and play it automatically, as in previous version of firefox. (I've just tried on the beta version: it works)
The embed tag has no "autostart" attribute -- this would be passed to the plugin, and its intended effect handled there.

Do you have a URL / testcase or steps to reproduce this problem?
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Comment 2

6 years ago
1) Download greasemonkey:

2) Restart firefox to complete download

3) Install the script:

4) Go to

5) Fulfil the gap to register (can choose random nick, email, character name)

6) Click on Settings on the left menu ( )

7) You may see some text in polish. Tick the box of the line: "odgrywaj dźwięk po zakończonej wyprawie/ataku" which is followed by a box containing the url of a song

8) Click on Begin a Quest on the left menu ( )

9) Click on the button "Depart" in the middle of the page

A countdown of 5 minutes has just started.
At the end of this countdown, the song does not autoplay with v22.0a2
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Which plugin is used in your testcase ?
Does it work if you switch to false in about:config ?

Comment 4

6 years ago
Firefox is using quicktime Plug-in 7.7.3 (in Aurora) to open .mp3 files.
However, if I go on a page which url is a mp3 file of my ftp, I can listen to it without any problem.

Does it work if you switch to false in about:config ?
-> No

Sry, should have tried nightly version before posting here. The result on nightly: it does not work either.
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6 years ago
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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