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Utilize View/Custom View for better "Advanced Search"


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View is well designed, and searching of mails via "View/Custom View" is far beter than current "Advanced Search" in search result display.
- Search result is shown at thread pane of folder in 3 pane window
  - user can choose column setting freely
  - message is shown in message pane, as usual message display
  - search result can be shown in different tab.
    currently, by open folder in new tab and apply a Custom View
- Because of a Custom View, last search is always saved.

However, if user tries to use the convenient View/Custom View for his ad-hoc search, very many steps are required currently.
   View -> Customize... -> find a my custimized view for my search,
   and select a customized view -> Edit
   -> Modify search conditions -> OK to save conditions
   -> OK to close list of customized views
   -> View, again -> Custom Views -> find a custimized view for
   my search, and select a required customized view
This is because current UI of View is not designed for ad-hoc search. Current UI of View is designed for pre-defined view only.

A solution of it was "Quick Filter Bar", but it can not be successor of current "Advanced Search".
If button like next will be available, I believe it can be used as succesor of "Advanced Search".
- Search button(Menu button, with associated menupopup)
    Open defaut search view  / Dropdown menu (List of search views)
                                  Default Search view
                                  Search view #2  
                                  Search view #N
                                  (New Search)

    search condition panel, with check box of             
        "current tab" or "new tab"
        set as "default search"
      Do search, or simply Save, or Delete, or Cancel
    show the view

    Above is esentially same as current View/Custom View/Edit,
    except action of "OK" button.
      Custom View/Edit : Save the edited View 
      Search View      : Show the View(==Do search)
    Above is also esentially same as current Advanced Search,
    except action of "Search" button
      Advanced Search  : Show the view in his own panel
      Search View      : Show the View in Tab

- Show "Search View" as independent one from customizable View items.
  - Search view is hidden at View/Custom Views
  - View items and Custom Views are hidden at Search View list
- New category of "search_view" may be convenient for implementation.

I think change like "Show the view in Tab by Search button of current Advanced Search" is acceptable as first step, because "File/New/"Saved Search" is already iplemented and works pretty well then loss of "Save as search folder after execution of the current search" won't produce any problem.
In this case, "pre-defined Custom View named Search or Ad-hoc Search" is sufficient for the first step. I don't think "Search or Ad-hoc Search in Custom View list by default" will produce problem.
Needless to say, if "Save as search folder" button in "Advanced Search" panel will be killed, "File/New/"Saved Search" should be changed to "File/New/"Search Folder", because "*SAVED* Search Folder" won't exist any more.
Bug 1102861 - Integrate 'Search Message...' window into the main UI + Add button for quick toggling between folder view and search view + Extend features

May be of interest for those reading this bug report...
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