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Come up with a method to signal reading position to users


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When reflow-on-zoom happens (currently on pinch-zoom events), it tries (with the patch for bug 803719) to center the user on the part of text that was under the point at which the pinch event happened. This is good, but the position maintenance isn't exact. It would be nice if we could somehow visually cue the user to where this point (it becomes a CaretPosition) is, after the reflow/repaint. I'm thinking of something like a momentary highlight of a specific character (change the color), or something that will cue the reader to direct their eyes to where they were previously (presumably) reading. 

Note that the application for this isn't limited only to reflow-on-zoom - we might be able to use something like this in other applications, too.
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Keeping reading position would also be great across window focus change (tabbed environment). I like the tabbed environment because it makes for easy desktop management, but I would love to be at the same place in a long mail I was reading when interrupted by a new incoming message, or a schedule check in the lighting pane.
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