Empty dist/bin instead of deleting it on every build



6 years ago
8 months ago


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6 years ago
We recently started deleting dist/bin on rebuilds (see bug 860371).  This causes annoyance and pain for common development patterns, like:

*) build in one shell, run in another shell
I do this all the time, *especially* on Mac

*) build in one shell, reloading into gdb ("file firefox") in another shell
This is very useful when tweaking a build under debug, in order to avoid having to reset all the breakpoints and other config set up in gdb being used to track the current problem.

Per bug 860371, deleting the build-generated files there would be troublesome, since we don't have a good list of what goes there (perhaps possible in a future enhancement), but deleting all files in the directory instead of rmdir-ing it should not be tough (I suspect fairly easy)


8 months ago
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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