Data loss when transfer messages to folders on slow links



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5 years ago
I was working on a really bad internet connection (as is common - I work a lot in developing countries). Booked a flight, transfered the message to another folder, the message disappeared from the folder I was working in ,but I didnt check in hte destination folder. Later, I couldn't find it. I suspect the transfer didn't complete. 

When I search for messages using Gloda (the main search bar) it finds the missing message, but when I open as a list the message is missing. It doesn't show up in the index of either the original or moved-to folder (or in the trash).  I've got screen shots of both versions of the search results .

When I use a different client, I find hte message still in the original folder. Doing Folder/properties/rebuild finds it (and quite a few other messages lost at different times, so I don't think this is a one-time bug. 

For all intents and purposes this is a data-losing bug, unless you are a sleuth you won't find the message again, so I'm marking it severe.
Same questions as bug 861501 comment #1.

And, please describe your problem in "seps to reproduce problem" like style, for ease of understanding what happened when you did what operation, and what is status before/just after problem occurred.

(In reply to Mitra Ardron from comment #0)
> Booked a flight, transfered the message to another folder, (snip)

Move mails while Work Offline mode of Tb?

Anyway, same recomendation as bug 860765 comment #2, if your problem is not one time failure.
And, show "Order Received" column always to know messageKey of mail==UID of mail when IMAP, to identify mails relevant to your problem.
Setting dependency to bug 860765, forease of tracking, problemm analysis, and search.
Depends on: 860765
And, samme questions as bug 860765 comment #1.

Comment 4

5 years ago
Wada - there is no clear STR, its intermittent, which is why I gave a longer description. 

I was NOT working offline, I was working ONLINE on a bad connection, a source of several bugs in the past. 

THis is not a one-time failure, when I ran a recover on the folder I found a number of messages lost on different occasions. 

This might be a similar bug to bug #860765 

I have no idea whether your bug #860765 is a recommendation to the user or programemrs. Sorry but I find your english really hard to understand sometimes. This applies to bug #860765 Comment #1, I have no idea what you are asking.  

I am guessing ... but want to be clear nothing was offline - its a a bad ONLINE connection. In fact I didn't know you could set different IMAPs to different online/offline status. And also I believe most of these messages were moved between two folders on the same IMAP, but some might have been moved somewhere else.
No longer depends on: 860765


5 years ago
Severity: major → critical
Keywords: dataloss
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