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5 years ago
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5 years ago
The projector in 10Forward seems to be having an over heating issue. It will project for about 10 minutes before completely shutting off on its own. While the projector is on, the the lamp indicator lights are red, not sure if the bulbs need to be replaced, usually there's an error message saying to replace them.

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5 years ago

Let me know how quickly we can get someone to take a look at this. We actually need this room/projector back up and working by noon tomorrow if possible. Appears the fan aren't working and may be causing an over heating issue, powers off every 10 minutes and need to be manually powered on.

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5 years ago
You will definitely need new lamps put in that projector.  Unless you already have extra lamps in stock, we will have to order them and install them.  Unfortunately, this would not happen before tomorrow's event.  If there's a way you can get me the model number for the projector I can have our Tim make a PO and get it out to you ASAP.  He could also find out how fast we can get them shipped.

We were wondering if this might not be the lamps as the projector will come back on if you power cycle.

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5 years ago
It will turn off again. This is normal behavior. You definitely need a lamp change.
Hello all, Henry found some lamps in the storage room and will be replacing them now.

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5 years ago
Nice! Let me know how that goes. Thanks, guys.

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5 years ago
Lamps were swapped out, no red indicator lights. Closing this out for now, will reopen if something comes up.
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