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Incorrect and misleading app name in DataZilla B2G results



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
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DataZilla submission log.

We recently disabled two applications in our performance testing: FTU and Marketplace. I have now noticed that we have an application listed as "email FTU". These appear to be the results for the "email" application, however I can't see any historic results for "FTU"...

I have attached recent log of the results submitted to DataZilla. The results for the email application map to the "email FTU" application in the UI.

Submitting results to DataZilla: {'test_machine': {'platform': 'Gonk', 'osversion': u'', 'os': 'Firefox OS', 'name': u'48:28:2f:f9:ba:3e'}, 'testrun': {'date': 1366606000, 'suite': 'email'}, 'results': {'cold_load_time': [976, 976, 978, 964, 957, 893, 884, 977, 863, 1008, 879, 896, 1095, 867, 1005, 986, 1050, 940, 1082, 1025, 1047, 1042, 1119, 891, 932, 1051, 995, 896, 894, 1013]}, 'test_build': {'name': 'B2G', 'version': 'prerelease', u'gecko_revision': u'950b402b6188bb2f3ce3176e620ed5249719d720', 'branch': 'master', 'gaia_revision': '0874b5e84129391de9edb23560be8ad52b3d2bed', 'id': u'20130421070203', u'build_revision': u'7cb46499e0b91ca20f6aed58d6067d7c451875b9', 'revision': '0874b5e84129391de9edb23560be8ad52b3d2bed'}}
Response: {"status": "well-formed JSON stored", "url": "https://datazilla.mozilla.org/b2g/refdata/objectstore/json_blob/17422", "size": 708}

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5 years ago
Created attachment 740236 [details]
Screenshot highlighting issue.
This was done at the request of Faramarz Rashed 

The following is from an email exchange:

"can you change the label for the email to say something like 'email first time usage' or some other phrase that tells people we're dealing with first time experience and not an already configured email."

The mapping of the application name from "email" to "email FTU" is done in the UI only, the data stored in the database is the same as what is sent in the JSON. We decided "email first time usage" was too long so we shortened it to "email FTU". Is there another application name that would be more appropriate?

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5 years ago
Ah, okay. We are planning on prepopulating emails in the near future, so I'm not sure how we'll differentiate these. Similarly, we don't indicate that the Contacts app has 200 contacts, etc. Perhaps we need to extend the results to indicate the state of the app under test, which could then augment the test name where duplicates would otherwise occur.


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