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To do in this pass:

- Consider discoverability for folks who just want to see what people have made.  If you need to go to make>remix, Brett's concern is we're making that too hard
- Look at filling the mosaic with some things we know are requirements for each section. For instance, in /learn we should indicate one section describes web literacy badges
- Look at content and layout for the mosaic items, eg. do we need like and remix buttons. What will those look like as opposed to blank squares.
- need to add some additional secondary nav. Namely "support" and "contribute". Support is out of scope for June 15th (see bug #863519), but I do think we need a "contribute" page for June 15th, which will be a list of all of our community calls, codebases, etc. Brett outlined more here:
- add in the standard footer and search.
- consider various logged in/ logged out states
- Do we need web literacy represented on the homepage somehow. Should we be considering Mozilla partner site links from this page?
- Walk through user flows on this page with personas and expected tasks/scenarios to inform this iteration. These are being written in bug #861862

First pass bug:
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Homepage second pass

This iteration:
- Is more consistent with the further-along Events design
- Has a gutter between images to reduce page clutter
- takes a stab at what content might be on the back of the tiles
- adds "remix" and "heart" buttons on the front of the thumbnails

Still to do:
- Secondary nav
- Dale is working on getting real thumbnails content for his working protoype so we may need to adjust this design as his work unfolds.
- need to finalize content for the footer
- need to add UI for logged in states
- add web literacy?
- confirm what content absolutely needs to be on the homepage

Moving on now to Third pass in bug 868591.


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