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Show error message when user tries to make a purchase over carrier billing on an unsupported SIM


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(Reporter: krupa.mozbugs, Assigned: keir)



steps to reproduce:
1. Use a SIM which does not support carrier billing
2. Try to purchase an app from  marketplace stage using carrier billing

expected behavior:
We show an error message when the SIM does not support carrier billing

observed behavior:
Bango tries to make a purchase and fails without any error messages
So this is when a user uses MT to authenticate and says they are on MOVISTAR. Will investigate further.
what error code would this be?
The error message is dependent on whether a Bango get a clear error back when trying to make a payment are incorrect network MT auth ..Bango to investigate further
bango still investigating
So the issue happens when a user incorrect selects MOVISTAR as their network in ESP, and the BV SMS API will send the PIN we generate to them, even tho they are not on the MOVISTAR network.

When the user then tries to complete the purchase it will fail because we will be submitting a non MOVISTAR msisdn to BV, and it will be validated and rejected at this point. 

Are you expecting Bango to offer credit card to these 'non carrier billing' networks?
(In reply to Keir Kettle from comment #6)

> Are you expecting Bango to offer credit card to these 'non carrier billing'
> networks?

Priority: -- → P3
Flags: affects-tricycle+
Flags: affects-seville+
Flags: affects-seahorse+
Flags: affects-moss+
Flags: affects-durango+
Version: 1.2 → 1.3
Please clarify whether you can fail this over to CC payment only after failed MT auth due to the user selecting an unsupported or incorrect mobile network
So this has been on the table a while, just wanted to clarify a little the actual issue. The original issue was: 

1. A non MOVISTAR user enters a msisdn and selects "MOVISTAR" as their carrier. 
2. They receive a PIN as the BV SMS API doesn't validate the msisdn
3. They try a purchase, which fails and an "payment failed" error is displayed.

It should fairly clear to the user that the payment failed because they are not connected to the carrier which they said they were connected to (the buy page displays the carrier name etc). 

The secondary issue is to allow people connected to other carriers to still be able to make credit card purchases.  This is related to bug 893050. 

Once that bug is fixed we should be able to add a link to the WIFI MT page to say something like 

"Carrier not listed? Click here to pay on credit card"
Version: 1.3 → 1.4
Version: 1.4 → 1.5
893050 will help with a fix for this
Assume closed based on 893050 - awaiting test resource/feedback from Mozilla.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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