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Upgrade Mozilla 23 to NSPR 4.10 (once it's ready)


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect, P1)

23 Branch


(firefox23+ fixed)

Tracking Status
firefox23 + fixed


(Reporter: KaiE, Assigned: wtc)


(Whiteboard: [leave open])

From now on in the future, I propose that a tracking bug is filed, whenever you start upgrading mozilla to a newer version of NSPR - because in the past, it was regularly forgotten to keep things in shape, by eventually upgrading the affected mozilla branch to the final version of that nspr (or nss) version.

Today Wan-Teh sugested to upgrade mozilla-central to NSPR 4.10 beta1.
I'm willing to help out with this initial push, but I'm unwilling to be the one who tracks that the mozilla branch will be kept in shape.

Let's use this tracking bug.

As mozilla-central is currently equivalent to Mozilla 23, I'm setting the 23 branch as the affected and target version.

I'm adding [leave open] to the status whiteboard, to indicate that the bug should be kept open after beta landings. Please remove that status whiteboard entry after you have landed the final NSPR release (once it's ready).

I don't know to whom this bug should be assigned to.
Wan-Teh gave me r=wtc for landing the NSPR_4_10_BETA1 snapshot into mozilla-central.

I believe this is the first time that anyone is using the modified script to import an NSPR snapshot into mozilla-central. So if things break, don't blame me, but back out and find the person who did the script.
I think if we mark this tracking-firefox23+ it should not get lost.
putting status-firefox23 to fixed since this has landed on m-c.
NSPR_4_10_BETA2 pushed to mozilla-inbound:
Assignee: nobody → wtc
Priority: -- → P1
Fwiw, it seems 23 (now in mozilla-release) ships with nspr 4.10, but checks for 4.9.6, and this bug wasnt fixed/closed when it was updated from the betas to the RTM version in bug 858231. So i think this one can be closed now ?

oh, and in all branches checks for nspr 4.9.6 when building with systemwide nspr, but we dont really care since it also checks for nss 3.15 which depends on nspr 4.10. Could only affect people trying to build with bundled nss & systemwide nspr 4.9.6, i doubt anyone cares...
Tip is running 4.10.4 beta2. Not sure why this bug is still open.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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