Air Mozilla setup checklist for community-but-not-public meetings needs to include a private IRC channel



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I'm not sure if this is something that needs to be added to the scheduling form or part of a setup checklist or what, but when a meeting is scheduled which is intended for registered and vouched Mozillians but not the public, there needs to be an "in-between" IRC channel other than #moco to use as a backchannel for it, since discussion shouldn't happen in the public #airmozilla channel in these cases.

We did one on the fly for today's presentation, but communicating what the password was and how to use it was exceedingly difficult, and a lot of participants never did make it to the correct channel.

Instructions for how to connect to a private IRC channel and the presentation-specific password for the channel should be included on the page with the video when the presentation goes live.  Any instructions giving a command to copy/paste such as "/join #channel password" should include instructions to paste it in a server or status window and not on a channel window (to avoid people accidentally disclosing it by getting a space in front of it in their copy/paste)
A mibbit or similar iframe right on the airmo page would make it really easy, too (but I'm sure there's another bug for that already - or should be if there isn't)
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There is a "Call Info" field used to contain information such as the Vidyo room for multi-venue events and the IRC backchannel.

We could add a specific field but event organizers don't fill in the keyword tag fields, and often don't event provide understandable descriptions of events, so I don't hold out much hope that just adding an IRC backchannel field would do much.

...but that said, I'm not opposed to doing that if we don't increase form complexity noticeably.
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We now have the additional problem that we have a class of events open to staff + Vouched Mozillians who are members of one or more curated groups on Mozillians.    I think this is better handled by event organizers, since monitoring the irc channel for comments is outside the scope of the AirMo team and in scope for whichever group requests the event.  They often have preferred channels already established and disclosing passwords to established channels on an AirMo page (event a restricted access page) seems like a bad idea.

Closing this as a WONTFIX.
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